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Welcome to my website! Thank you for being here.

I am a 20 years-old serial entrepreneur and an undergrad.

In 2014, I won the award of “Young Scientist India”. In 2016, I was recognized as “Blogger of the Year (Rising Star). I have been mentioned in top publications and covered by International media too.

I believe firmly in the power of consistency and constantly lives by the motto of “hard work, hunger, and humility.”

My mission is to advise startups on how to understand, develop and execute smart growth strategies targeting a specific market.

Connect with me on LinkedIn to me to ask for one piece of advice I can give you for your startup’s growth.

Organizations I Work/Associated With

Y Combinator
Harvard University
Digital Ocean
United Nations
HEC Paris
The University of Chicago
GGS 2019
Shenzhen University
Niti Aayog

I Believe ..

… in creating things. We all have a unique purpose. A world where everyone lives their purpose for a greater good will revolutionize our collective experience. I believe that our greatest challenges in life arise because we do not take the time to define the things that are most important to us.

I believe in empowering others to achieve the impossible. Someday in the next 7 years, I would like myself to be at a place where I could nurture a lot of such fellow beings.


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What my co-workers say about me

Critical thinking is a skill often overlooked in this day and age. Yugansh’s ability to think critically and challenge assumptions is his secret weapon. I was fortunate enough to work alongside Yugansh. An inventor at heart, Yugansh is an incredibly creative person who constantly challenges the status quo.

When you marry his creativity with his unwavering ambition, I believe Yugansh will be a leader in whatever field he chooses to pursue.

Nathan Huggins

Nathan Huggins

Account Manager @ Facebook
Yugansh was a delight to work with. His technical knowledge and expertise make him a vital asset to any team. He showed his technical capabilities when building the hardware for Fern.

His positive can-do attitude was admirable and his passion for using technology to solve a problem definitely sets him apart. I would highly recommend Yugansh.

Brina Mata

Manager of Operations and Administration @ Artveoli, Inc.
Yugansh Chokra is a creative and hustling entrepreneur with some amazing teamwork abilities when it comes to problem-solving. He had helped not only his team but also my team and many other teams with his technical skills to solve problems in product and website or app development. He is a humble person who believes in helping people in genuine needs for good. I would recommend start-ups, students and even companies to have partnerships, mentorship or consulting respectively with him to get the best of the knowledge and skills advantage.

Nikhil Jain

Co-Founder @ ForeignAdmits

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